Maestro quits after single term

The Croat Ivan Repušić is giving up after three years as general music director in Hanover.

Too busy in Munich, apparently. He has taken over there as chief of the Rundfunkorchester.

They might need to change the slogan now.

photo: Ariane Todes

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  • Why does a German orchestra have an English slogan?

    Yes, I know that English is becoming more common in the EU but… to sell tickets in a German city?

  • I would imagine that, as Hannover is spelled here with just the one N, that this is an English slogan for English speaking tourists, and that their German language advertising has an appropriate German-language slogan…

    • note the double yellow lines in the bottom left corner?
      this picture was taken in London, and has nothing to do with the story …!

  • the picture has nothing whatsoever to do with either the city of Hannover or the orchestra – it seems to be a real estate advertisement for a project in London:

    who knows why this picture was chosen for this post?
    well, let’s bring on the comments about immigrants … sigh!

  • The slogan has nothing to do with the opera in Hannover. The image is from a building site on New Bond Street, London. Hanover Square is round the corner.

  • The name of the orchestra, Repusic is conducting in Hannover, is “Niedersächsisches Staatsorchester” (no Hannover,no Hanover anywhere), it’s the opera house orchestra. And it’s simple normal. There will be a new (woman) chief of the opera house, who normaly choose her own favorite GMD.

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