Maestro move: Dresden calls back Berlin veteran

The Dresden Philharmonic has chosen Marek Janowski to succeed Michael Sanderling as chief conductor.

Janowski, 78, is conductor for life at the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra. He was previously at the Dresden Philharmonic from 2001 to 2004.

Sanderling is 50.

This does not look like a progressive decision.

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  • Janowski is a very fine conductor and seriously underrated: if he had had a carefully styled hairdo, his own yacht and plane plus an unscrupulous personality he would have been welcome anywhere at any age.

    • Agreed! I have had the honor to follow his work close up, and he is absolutely one of the best, in the same league with Dohnanyi or Blomstedt.

    • He is a great conductor, also one of the best rehearsers on the planet. In concert he sometimes underperformes, doesn’t inspire.
      He is the best studio conductor one can imagine.

    • His Wagner cycle on Pentatone are tremendous, reference-grade recordings. The Parsifal, for instance, was extremely well played, sung and recorded. Indeed, there are many great performances and recordings throughout the history. But it is still rare to find such one which is satisfactory in all essential aspects. Furthermore, since they were all concert performances, we don’t have the noise of the happening on the stage, which I always find kinda weird when listening a CD at home.

  • A very underrated conductor indeed, one of the best (if not the best) complete “Ring”-recordings, away from wrong, misunderstood german “Pathos”.

  • I thought a progressive decision was to choose a knowledgable and accomplished conductor. To go for substance over style, and buck current trends.

  • I heard splendid things from him in recent Berlin seasons…
    Hindemith, Strauss, Wagner, Busoni, et al. May he continue to endure.

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