Kent Nagano is conductor of the year

The Echo awards were held last night for the first time at Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie, while parts of the city were under floodwater.

All the usual suspects went up to receive awards: Joyce, Jonas, Johannes Moser… anyone beginning with J.

Kent Nagano was named conductor of the year.

photo: Echo/Axel Heimken

More pics here.


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    • “Der ECHO KLASSIK wird von einer elfköpfigen Jury vergeben, die sich aus anerkannten Branchenexperten zusammensetzt und die ihr Urteil insbesondere nach künstlerischen Kriterien fällt, aber auch den Publikumserfolg und damit die Wertschätzung durch Musikkäufer berücksichtigt.”
      (Engl. Translation: “The ECHO Klassik is awarded by an eleven-member jury composed of recognized industry experts, who particularly base their judgment on artistic criteria, but also take into consideration [the musicians’] audience success and thereby the level of appreciation by music-buyers.”)

      Click on this Echo Klassik link – – and scroll down to the paragraph with the headline DIE JURY to see the current jury.
      The jury wholly consists of (Vice) Presidents, Directors, Managers, Editors, Publicists and Chairmen.

  • The decision to award KN “conductor of the year” must have been made under severe weather, specifically under floodwaters.

    • ….and as knowledgeable and disgruntled German music-lovers (particularly in Munich and Hamburg) have been moaning for years: “wer kennt Nagano”??
      A dreadfully overrated stickwagger…

  • Pathetic. Perhaps the envelopes got switched and they meant to give him the award for most motoric conductor. They might as well have given the award to the Eveready Bunny. Except Nagano happens to be better about spouting empty platitudes. Die arme Hamburger Philharmoniker: their chef got the award for a recording with another orchestra. Why hasn’t Nagano recorded with his Hamburg musicians? 🙁

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