Italian mezzo calls immediate end to her career

We learn from Forum Opera that the fine mezzo-soprano Luciana d’Intino, 58, has decided to stop singing.

She was due to sing in the Bastille’s Ballo in Mascherra, where she will be replaced by Varduhi Abrahamyan.

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  • d’Intino is still in full command of her instrument. Sorry to hear about her decision. IMO she is a far better dramatic mezzo than the overrated and long past it Dolora Zajick. It is Zajick who should be calling it a day and should have about a decade ago.

  • If this is true, this is tragic. She’s the Fiorenza Cossotto of our times. A wonderful and level headed singer. A true talent. Very rare.

  • Magnificent technique and I suspect an excellent example of what my friend Gian Piero Rubiconi would have used to demonstrate ‘Italianità’ – the total subsuming of technique to make expression as natural and thus as moving as possible, this combined with the artist’s subtle, indefinable, understated art. There were several singers among the half dozen examples Gian Piero gave of ‘italianità’ and all were of course Italian. The most intriguing, since he was to me the only unknown name among the half-dozen, yet was the first name on the list and clearly meant to define what Gian Piero was trying to express to a non-Italian like myself: the extraordinary violinist Franco GULLI (alas deceased). Listening repeatedly to Gulli on YouTube has certainly helped me to understand what is unique to the greatest Italians, that quality of clarity, elegance, natural musical conversation (as if over a coffee on a subject that brings out the three-dimensional of a whole being).

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