Beijing gets a Berliner Philharmoniker block

Beijing gets a Berliner Philharmoniker block


norman lebrecht

October 26, 2017

This is a swanky Beijing residential development named ‘Berliner Philharmoniker’.

Presumably without the orchestra’s knowledge?


  • Alexander says:

    I thought first Berlin constructed a block for Berliner Philharmoniker, what a whimsical turn of fame 😉

  • herrera says:

    For a country that makes “Channel” and “Deor” knockoffs, I’m surprised there isn’t already an orchestra in China that called themselves the “Berrliner Filharmoniker”

    • Alexander says:

      a friend told me ages ago there were shoes on a street market ( made in China , of course) under the brand name of “Sony” …. I believed that story ….

  • jonathan dunsby says:

    There’s probably a knock-off ‘Slipped Disc’ over there.

    • herrera says:

      In which they mock Chinese classical musicians like Lang Lang and Yujia Wang…

      Wait a minute! that’s what we do HERE! Could it be that this IS the knock-off Slipped Disc, and the real Slipped Disc is elsewhere, filled with real, deep, thoughtful comments?


  • Ungeheuer says:


  • NotMadeinChina says:

    I try to avoid buying anything made in China especially tools and anything vaguely metallic, the quality is crap. If everyone bought NMIC they soon would have trouble. The countryside is being messed about and the pollution is dire.

    • Steven Holloway says:

      I hope it is by now fairly common knowledge that never, never should anyone with a pet buy animal treats made in China — so poisonous that when they were marketed in dollar stores in the U.S., hundreds of animals died. I wasn’t exactly chuffed to learn that GlaxoSmithKline, the fourth large pharmaceutical behemoth in the world, now acquires ingredients in its medications in China. Indeed, the British man who headed their Chinese division was sentenced to two years in the nick for nefarious activities re the acquisition of said chemicals. I seriously doubt if there is ever a time when GSK is not being hauled into court, mainly re class-action suits. I’m heading one such suit against them over another issue that’s cost lives aplenty, and I’m now trying to steer clear of them and their Chinese muck altogether. But, again, protect your pets, even if the Chinese authorities say they’ve cleaned up the problem. And note that the bogus Fentanyl behind the overdose crisis in North America is smuggled in from China. ‘Nil by mouth’ is the key phrase re Chinese products.

      • NotMadeINChina says:

        Chinese Pharma products are illegal in the UK at present, post Brexit who knows, yes avoid any pharma vet or human even garlic may have heavy metals in it. The GSK case was reported in Private Eye ad nauseum.

      • Sue says:

        There’s a huge black market trade here in Australia in infant formula because their own had melomine in it (and probably still does) and cannot be trusted.

        There’s Xi Jingping proudly saying at the recent communist party ‘convention’ that China wants to dominate the world economy. Their steel is rubbish and that doesn’t even cover the vast amounts of other products – like the dodgy Great Wall car – that nobody should touch. What about their building materials??

        Their own domestic challenges (as the rich grow in number) and lack of quality control will hold them back for decades, I’m betting.

        And as for their “belt and road”…don’t touch it!!

  • Max Grimm says:

    “Presumably without the orchestra’s knowledge?”

    While I don’t know if the Berlin Phil knew/knows about it, the firm in charge of designing and building this development is a German firm, with – among other locations – an office in Berlin, and one of the firm’s higher-ups being a supporter of the Friends of the Berliner Philharmoniker e. V. .

  • Robert Holmén says:

    Swanky name. But they still have to breathe the Beijing air.

  • Hornbill says:

    It’s not just the Chinese. There is an apartment block in Singapore called Glyndebourne.

    • Sue says:

      Singapore was once a British colony. They have the Raffles Hotel there.

      • Alexander says:

        you are quite right… have been to Singapore before about 30 times – there is a lot of British colonial history ( well-preserved and respected, by the way) there…. in my opinion the acoustics in their Victoria Hall are lovely ( just so) – have listened to a classical concert once upon a time there

  • Terry says:

    NMIC is right avoid anything from PRC, buy only NMIC. Yes building materials are a joke too, I saw a window fall out of a newly built block in HK this summer.