An Iranian wins Germany’s conducting prize

Hossein Pishkar, 29, came top in the international Deutsche Dirigentenpreis in Cologne, winning 20,000 Euros and some TV attention.

Second was a German, Dominik Beykirch. A Russian, Anna Rakitina, came third.

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  • Good to see someone from the Islamic world win this prize. I was just reading about the Cairo Opera House. Cairo has more opera performances per year than Dallas, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Portland, Atlanta, and Baltimore. Cairo’s first opera house was the Khedivial Royal Opera built in 1869 to celebrate the opening of the Suez Canal. It commissioned and premiered Verdi’s Aida 1871. In 1971 the house burned to the ground. The funds for the current Cairo Opera House (completed in 1988) were a gift from the nation of Japan to Egypt – another act of music bringing the world together. Congratulations to Hossein Pishkar.

    • BTW, Istanbul has more opera performances per year than Boston and St. Louis. I’m wondering if a delegation from Istanbul and Cairo might come to the USA and advise Americans on how to fund opera…….

  • What a nonesense to designate an Iranian conductor or whoever conductor with whatever passport or nationality as “someone from the Islamic world”. I am sure you are not going as far as calling Christain Thielemann, a conductor representing the “Christian Civilization” and you are for sure not calling Kirill Petrenko, the “jewish” conductor. Such religious labels designating certain cultural backgrounds for conductors are ridiculous and shallow.

    • That’s ridiculous pretense and self-righteous cant. Given the growing conflict between Islam and the West these days, examples of how we share cultural interests are worth noting. Music brings the world together.

      • What has the “the conflict between Islam and the West” and “sharing cultural interests” to do with the professional quality of a guy who wins a competition in classical music? To throw around such empty slogans from tabloids presupposes that this conductor should be labed as the good representative of “Islam” bringing “the West” and ” Islam” together. How arrogant and ignorant one could be to label professional musicians like this.

        • Ah, don’t worry “Cyrus.” I’m sure that when the delegation from Istanbul and Cairo visits Boston, Dallas, and Atlanta to advise them about arts funding, they will be most gracious and understanding about the economic challenges the American arts world faces……..

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