Young maestro agrees to be filmed in the round

Lisa Ford, a horn player in the Gothenburg Symphony, has produced a film of the orchestra’s chief conductor, Santtu-Matias Rouvali, with running commentary from the brass section. ‘His energy never stops,’ she says.

Lovely film. You see it here first.

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  • Why does one still say “celli” but longer use “violini” nor “bassi” nor use any other Italian plurals for instruments?

  • This was posted on another site earlier. When did it become fashionable to exaggerate the final two chords? I think Barenboim did it too with the Czech Philharmonic on another video. I don’t recall Talich, Kubelik, Ancerl or anyone else for that matter doing it. Score revision? Nice performance though, better than Barenboim’s.

  • It’s a cute video, but, in an ideal world, nobody in the audience would see the conductor. His movements are only meant to enable the orchestra musicians to produce the sounds necessary to bring the score alive. To be an expressive dancer to the music is not the objective.
    You ride a horse, the horse doesn’t ride you.

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