Which festivals spend the most money

The Revopera site has come up with a table of the biggest spenders in Europe.

The top five are:

1 Salzburg – 62.5 million Euros

2 Verona – 44.3m

3 Glyndebourne – 31.1m

4 Bayreuth – 23m

5 Aix-en-Provence – 22.5 million

Then there’s a huge drop to the next batch, spending nine million Euros or less.

These figures look somewhat partial. They do not include Lucerne (!), the BBC Proms, Verbier or Edinburgh, let alone any of the big-city festivals in Vienna, Berlin and Zurich.

On a more entrepreneurial note, the site lists the festivals that are best at self-financing. Glyndebourne comes top at 94%, Orange is second on 85%, Savolinna third at 82%. Lucerne, once more, is a notable omission.

Lots more statistics right here.  Fascinating stuff, not just for nerds like us, but bare in mind the ones they have overlooked.


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  • Those festivals are not included because they are not ”opera festivals”. The title of the article is ”Le financement des festivals d’opéra en Europe : d’importantes disparités”.

    Also the Bregenz Festival’s omission is noteworthy. That opera festival is one of the most attended (over 300.000 people per year) and with one of the highest budget and profit IMO.

      • Don’t know why they omitted Bregenz. The Bregenzer Festspiele publish some of their figures online and have been doing so for years.
        Annual budget
        20 Million Euros
        From Grants 6,94 Million Euros (2016)
        From Sponsors 1.3 Million Euros”


        While they don’t publish their profits, they have stated that, for some time now, earnings have exceeded the budget.

  • Thank you very much for this article. We are working on a new version of this article, which will include other Festivals, such as Bregenz for example !


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