What maestro’s dog does while he’s at work

Hannu Lintu, chief conductor of Finnish Radio, adopted a street dog in St Petersburg and named it Shurik.

The mutt is touchingly devoted to its maestro.

Here’s what it does when Hannu is out at work. (Click top video on the left).



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  • I sometimes get my dog into a concert by claiming that it’s my guide dog. He enjoys it, I think, but mostly he just sleeps, or licks himself.

  • Back in February 2016, Hannu Lintu and the Iceland Symphony Orchestra gave an absolutely stunning, cosmic, and utterly mind-blowing performance of Bruckner’s towering 5th symphony, and I was there in Reykjavik for the one performance. OMG…I still can’t get over how amazing and completely transporting the performance was. What was more astonishing was that probably none of the orchestra players on that stage had ever played the work before. How they did what they did, outplaying every single live performance I’ve heard of that monumental work from far greater orchestras, is beyond my comprehension. I am dying to hear Hannu Lintu perform again, to find out if I happened to hear the single greatest performance he has ever given, or if in fact he is a wildly unheralded great talent.

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