Vienna cancels Shakespeare on premiere morning

The Burgtheater’s new production of Midsummer Night’s Dream, due to open tonight, has been postponed.

‘For the final presentation of his directorial concept, Leander Haussmann and the ensemble need further rehearsals,’ a statement said.

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    • Maybe they should cancel the whole Project. Maybe they should hire the Royal Shakespeare Company instead. Or even better, hire some high school amateur Group who really feel for the play.

  • I suppose one could call this unprofessional? Have never heard this happen here with any major company. Arguably losing the directorial concept might be quite beneficial.

  • As TS says, Leander is …. special .. though hopefully mellowed with the years. But if a management feels a show isn’t ready yet then it is their right to delay a premiere. Perhaps the Burgtheater (and Schauspielhaeuser in D & A generally) should adopt the tradition of several public preview performances, giving a chance for feedback and adjustment before a Premiere/Press Night.

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