Sicklist: Young maestro has eye operation

The Venezuelan conductor Rafael Payare has cancelled Cologne with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra next week to undergo eye surgery.

He will be replaced by Lorenzo Viotti.



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  • Don’t know about the male conductor. But his wife is a mediocre cellist. Once heard her playing with van Zweden. Not charm, not musicality whatsoever. But I noticed that she has been making one CD after another, although there are tons of better cellists out there in the street. I am wondering what VIP is backing her career?

    • Came from the right family, studied with the right teacher and hung with the right crowd among other things.

      I don’t mean disrespect. She plays nicely and has intelligent things to say.

    • The correct portion about your statement is “I don’t know”. Alisa Weilerstein IMHO is the among the best and talented musicians, and she is a great mother and human being. Her husband, Rafael Payare is among the best and most talented young conductors who has even directed the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Any sour comment about this power couple is just plain ENVY.

  • If you consider her an excellent cellist, then your opinion about her playing is pretty close to mine. For her sake, I hope that that he is a better husband than he is a conductor.

      • Not necessarily. Your unsolicited “advice” is neither funny enough to be considered humorous nor sensible enough to have any real value.

          • All I am really saying is that in my opinion she is more accomplished as a cellist than he is as a conductor. And I wish them best in their married life.

          • Forgiving is usually easy for me, so apology is gladly accepted. However, I must add that encountering a kind of mentality that sees a vulgar insult where none is either expressed or implied and one that believes that making “fun” of a person’s last name by distorting it not once but twice (!) is somehow amusing – that is truly sad.

          • @Hypocrite a.k.a. M2N2K

            Why don’t you leave your mansplaining to the Lang Bang lovers. They call Lang Bang roughly 1000 times a week and you never have any issue with it. Or maybe you are one of them?

          • No, I am not “one of them” whoever “them” are. And I do not approve of distorting LL’s name either. This kind of “humor” is unfunny, juvenile and intellectually lazy. But the fact is that LL has so many passionate haters that attempting to change their rhetorical “methods” by objecting to them would unfortunately be a futile endeavor. Besides, if I were to write protesting comments every single time I disagree with something on this blog, I would have no time left for doing much more important and interesting things in my life. So, if you want to try this crusade, I can only wish you good luck!

          • I see, so basically you only have time to bully the weak and the innocent. And that’s why you picked me out. Well, I’m honored. Just go ahead.

          • After everything you said above here, “innocent” does not really apply, but you may be right about “weak”.

          • And you? A lame petty criminal who only has the guts to harass those you THINK are weak, but run away as quickly as you can once you find out what the real situation is.

          • You are the one who introduced the word “weak” in reference to yourself just above here, so blaming me for “think”[ing] it, in spite of the fact that I did not even agree with that notion outright but merely suggested the possibility of it being correct, is grossly inaccurate and blatantly dishonest. As for “petty criminal”, is that really the best you can do? If so, then you are underestimating me mightily. Why don’t you try “mass murderer” next time? After all, disagreeing with you must be a serious felony that deserves no less than capital punishment, so go for it!

          • If you have digestion and excretion problems and need excessively long time to do your jobs, go see a doctor.

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