Ryanair are cancelling 50 flights a day

The cutbacks will apply every day for the next six weeks.

More than a quarter of a million passengers are affected.

Many have been forced to cancel engagements and vacations. We hope you are not among them.

As ever, the eff-you airline offers no apology.

Details here.


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  • If a musician’s plans are disrupted by Ryanair’s disgraceful actions, this may well have knock-on effects for other musicians, concert promoters and concert-goers. If some of these are powerful and influential and take to social media and get lawyers involved. You only have to think of the incident a couple of years ago where a few of the members of the Boston Symphony orchestra were prevented from flying by BA. Once BA realised that they were taking on the whole of the orchestra, the problem was quickly resolved.

    • Ryan is only fit for transporting drunken rugger supporters and stag dos to Prague, no one in the VPO would use them, wise up. Once I flew Ryan, the sick was flowing backwards and forwards up the aisle during the entire flight back!

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