Radio orchestra is robbed of its instruments

Thieves in Cologne raided a truck carrying instruments of the WDR orchestra.

A double-bass, a horn and a harp are among the pieces missing (they won’t be able to play much with those three).

The orchestra is calling round for replacement instruments for Friday’s concert.

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      • Norman has gotten some facts wrong.
        Missing are a contrabassoon, a horn, multiple double bass bows and a harp case (without a harp inside).
        The thieves appear to have been amateurs, as one of them managed to injure him-/herself and bleed all over the driver’s cabin while breaking open the truck, they left behind several, very valuable stringed instruments and finally, they chose to abandon some heavier items they had initially tried to steal, including some very expensive electronic equipment, dropping them at the side of the road, not far from the truck.
        The financial damage to the WDR Funkhausorchester is estimated to be roughly €100.000, the Heckel contrabassoon (~€70.000) and the horn (€10.000) accounting for most of that.

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