Major US newspaper loses its trusted arts writer

Janelle Gelfand left the Cincinnati Enquirer last week after 26 years.

No reason given. Presumably the usual newspaper cutbacks. No word of a replacement, either.

Janelle has been a faithful magnifying glass on the arts in her city.

She delivers a graceful farewell, here. 

‘It’s been a privilege,’ she signs off.



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  • Janelle is a fabulous writer, who has maintained passion for her craft. This has been a regular occurrence throughout the country, yet these respected writers have found new horizons and new homes to share their gifts. Janelle’s writings have made her an extremely knowledgeable journalist regarding new music. Thanks to her, and her detailed re-views of new music, these works have had opportunities to become part of the repertoire. Perhaps this is one of the most important parts of being a music critic, as a conduit between the new music and its longevity into the future mainstream repertoire. Good luck, Janelle. Anyone who finds you and takes you on from here would be wise and have vision.

  • As others said — she didn’t “leave.” They fired her and several other reporters. With Cincinnati’s long history of interest in all styles of music, and with concerts of some kind just about every DAY, it is quite a disgrace when the main paper in town sees no need for an experienced music journalist.

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