Germany boosts culture budget by 120 million Euros

The increase is eye-watering, more than the entire budget of some EU nations.

Much of it, however, will go on infrastructure, such as Berlin’s Museum Island. And another chunk on generous pensions.

The budget is for two years and the Bundestag is in the process of finalising the figures. More here.



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  • The article only talks about the cultural budget of the City of Berlin, which will increase its spending by annually 60 mio €. Big chunks are not going into generous pensions – they are used to even out the pay gap between city employed musicians and ‘regular’ city employees! Berlin’s Museum Island is not mentioned in regard to the budget increase at all – neither is the Deutsche Bundestag!

    • All this spending on Arts is fine however will they equally shell out even more for the millions of African migrants which will be coming to a place near them soon? Migrant crisis is now out of control, Schengen must be abolished, they need to have a Siegfried Line constructed in advance. Chatham House suggests the channel tunnel needs to be “wired” ready to blow if EU fails to solve the problem. Clearly the Gulf States need to take on the humanitarian burden.

    • Yes, I’m sure the newly arrived human beings will be queuing up to use the new facilities.

      I understand the intake is going really well.

        • Historically, empire building and failure to properly establish 1st world programs in nations was a European province, so maybe not all of this refugee crisis can be laid at the feet of Lady Liberty. But whatever – I’m happy to watch European “leadership” flush their futures down the toilet of multiculturalism (i.e. whatever bad behavior occurs must be attributed to culture and therefore excused). I’ll just hang out over here and watch history be rewritten or forgotten.

          • Those hanging out “over there” seem to have one or two problems of their own – not entirely dissimilar, either.

          • I’d have to agree with this. In Australia we won’t have a bar of it!!! Especially when we have our own homeless and people living below the poverty line. And a great number of those migrants in Europe are economic migrants; they’ve certainly destroyed much of Greece, turned Italy on its end and also parts of Spain. And now for the good news (sound of crickets).

          • In response to JP: today he ended DACA; tomorrow he builds a wall; the next da Senate votes to end 60 vote cloture…my orange hero is destroying everything resembling govt that has gone on for past 60 years. Excellent start!!

          • Ooh, and now a Trump supporter, I.e. white supremacist! My, all the flotsam is out in force today, whodathunkit!

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