Four Berlin festivals get lots more money

Four Berlin festivals get lots more money


norman lebrecht

September 12, 2017

The International Literature Festival will get an extra quarter of a million Euros in public subsidy.

The August dance festival gets a 150,000 boost, Young Euro Classic is up by 85,000 Euro) and the poetry festival receives an extra 50,000 Euros.

It’s part of a strategy by culture minister Monika Grütters and Berlin’s Kultursenator Klaus Lederer to make the city an all-year round festival hub.

Eat your hearts out, English cities.



  • Allen says:

    “Eat your hearts out, English cities.”

    I’m sure that Greece is thrilled, things going so well there.

    • Anon says:

      Well, Greece should hang the Goldman Sachs bankers who rode them into this shit, together with a few of their own corrupt politicians, on lampposts and then look forward to a better future. But then Greece has been ridden into shit by the CIA already for decades, in McCarthyish fear of the commies, who were strong there back then. But then everybody needs scapegoats I guess instead of finding the real culprits, so please everybody look the other way, nothing to read here, really.
      If in doubt, blame the GERMANS, as usual.