Florence opens a Franco Zeffirelli museum

The venerable director, 94 and undimmed, is to be celebrated in the Centro Internazionale per le Arti dello Spettacolo Franco Zeffirelli, just behind the Palazzo Vecchio.

Full story here.


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      • He knew (knows) Italian opera of the 19th – early 20th Century the way Italians traditionally enjoyed it. Outside of that (large) niche, he’s very questionable. Opera also includes 20th Century and contemporary works, baroque, German, Slavic repertoire, etc. Not to mention the modern theatrical language and theatrical performance practice that he had no clue about.

        • Even in the slice of the repertory he kept producing over and over, he declined into a kitschy decorator, abandoning meaningful direction to fuss over the fabrics, animals, and supernumeraries of budget-busting extravaganzas. Let the cast flail about on their own; these operas were not about characters, after all, they were about his hunger for scenery applause.

          His ultimate placement will be as the Cecil B. DeMille of opera production. Remembered, maybe even “significant,” but far down any reasonable list of his medium’s great directors.

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