UPDATE: Tear-gas aftermath at Frankfurt airport

The attack took place around the Terminal 1 check-in counters at 11 am this morning (Monday).

Six people are reported injured.

First reports say many passengers are suffering breathing problems. Police say the gas was sprayed by ‘an unknown person’.

None of the injuries is believed to be serious.

UPDATE: The airport returned to normal at 12.30.

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  • No information available on the identity of the sprayer(s) and whether the act was accompanied by recitations from religous texts. Given the level of censorship in the German “system media”, such information is also unlikely to be forthcoming.

    • Actually, I heard that after members of a string quartet voiced their concern about not being permitted to take their viola and cello into the cabin, the check-in agent released a small amount of tear gas to quell the complaints and to “shoo those fretful musicians and their ooooohhhh so precious instruments away”.
      Rumor has it that the check-in agent’s actions were in accordance with a new musical instrument policy and taken with the unnamed airline’s full approval.

        • While that is frequently the case, I’ve found that many airline employees remember perfectly, adhere to and carry out fully those policies, which allow them to make travelers absolutely miserable in a completely legal and approved way, without the need of misinterpreting/ignoring (other) existing rules and policies.

  • “It’s OK everyone. This family over there just went to McDonalds for Maestro burgers last night and suffered through some internal programming difficulties.”

  • the ground crew for Air Astana in Frankfurt is totally incompetent. There was a flight delay on next day, Sept.12th, no information given, just “wait, wait”. At 22.55 somebody said, sorry, the flight is next day at 11.30, we could not reserve you hotel, see you tomorrow morning. By that time, there really were not many hotel rooms availible and most passangers spent their night on terminal floor. Next morning somebody had decided that the flight will be in the evening. Disgusting. I am not surprised about these news.

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