Biz news: Three directors quit Italian opera agency

Biz news: Three directors quit Italian opera agency


norman lebrecht

September 05, 2017

We hear that three board directors of Atelier Musicale – Markus Laska, Serena Marchi and Silvia Paolucci – have left the company to open a new agency, called Melos Opera.

Their artists include the Dallas music director Emmanuel Vuillaume, the tenor Ramon Vargas (pictured) and the bass Giovanni Furlanetto.

Atelier Musicale continues under president Virginio Fedeli. Its website is ‘under construction’.


  • Myra O'Norma says:

    Giovanni Furlanetto or Ferruccio Furlanetto?

  • Knowing Clam says:

    Behind the ball here. They left back in July. But yes, their new company’s website is live now.

  • Peter Grimes says:

    Uninteresting news. Also, I’ve heard other things: they were asked to leave (thrown out?) the agency for a very serious reason of mismanagement.

  • Markus Laska says:

    Mr. “Peter Grimes” is not well informed. There has been a official division of all existing contracts and artists at a notary. Agents which are asked to leave or are thrown out, normally are not legally allowed to take contracts with them.
    In any case the many artists who have followed the branch seem to have enjoyed the “mismanagement” till now.