Biz news: Ivan Fischer’s singing daughter gets an agent

We have drawn your attention before to the eclectic performing talents of Nora Fischer, daughter of the conductor Ivan Fischer.

Today she got signed up by Intermusica, the London-based classical agency.

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  • Not Budapest based? Of course not! The only place Hungary holds in the heart [if there is such a thing] of Fischer is an opportunity to gripe about Orban’s government. Otherwise, it’s off the radar. Where does Fischer live again?

    • So, in other words, any Hungarian living not in the homeland has no place in his heart for his homeland? Total nonsense.
      You have a personal vendetta with Fischer apparently?
      If I were Hungarian, I would try to leave that retro-nationalist anti-intellectual climate of the homeland as well.

    • Hungary was better off being part of the dual Monarchy, post 1918 it went downhill then it had the Commies. Andras Schiff left it years ago

    • Where does Fischer live? Nora lives in London, I believe. The residence and personal political views of her father are not referenced in the article, and have nothing to do with the subject.

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