Andrea Bocelli in hospital after falling off a horse

Andrea Bocelli in hospital after falling off a horse


norman lebrecht

September 15, 2017

The accident happened near Pisa, where he had been performing in a gimmick concert that was conducted by a robot. He appeared to have suffered a head injury. The tenor, 56, was helicoptered to hospital.

He messages:

My dears, I know you’ve been worried about me in those latest hours. I just want to calm you down and tell that I’m pretty fine.

It has been just a simple fall from a horse. If there are no complications, I will probably leave the hospital right today.

Thank you for the many messages i received, I embrace you with affection.

– Andrea



  • Ben says:

    We need Andrea healthy and well. I am still wishing an Andrea / Lang Bang / Cool-Aide Church / Will.I.Am / Berliner Phil crossover concert for world peace, to be conducted by any Putin ally or Alondra de la Parra, with Donald Trump wearing an Donald Duck outfit as the event host, in North Korea side of the DMZ.

    (no children under 18 would be admitted, as Donald Duck outfit doesn’t come with any pant)

  • Dave says:

    How was the horse?

  • I don’t know why people here could allow themselves to be so mean towards a disabled person. I don’t know this singer. I am wondering why he was allowed to risk riding a horse although he can not see. But this story reminds me a surprising fact that I only got to know just a few years ago: Are blind people allowed to get driver’s license? The answer is yes!

    Until today I still can’t figure our the reason behind this rule …

  • Walter says:

    Glad he’s OK, but I wish Bocelli would go away and stop singing, or whatever one can call it.

  • Una says:

    What a lovely, caring note to read. I have all my vision and wouldn’t be seen on a horse, so it’s great he can achieve so many things with such a disability.

    Yes, Analeck, blind people can ride and he is a very experienced rider. I have a friend who is blind and she rides and has done for many years. But no, he’s not allowed to get a driver’s license. I have two other friends in their sixties and both ride horses, and often fallen off for a variety of reasons, and they can see!!

  • That’s exactly what I was thinking. I can’t ride horses and don’t even dare to. But this man was brave enough to do it. But how people here react to his accident is totally beyond my comprehension. What crime did this blind man commit???

    Well, I admit that I had a black-out in my brain when trying to remember what I heard about disability and driver’s license. Of course blind people aren’t allowed to drive cars, it’s just too absurd. What I actually heard was that people without hands and/or feet can get driver’s license …