A third musician is found dead in Canterbury house

A third musician is found dead in Canterbury house


norman lebrecht

September 04, 2017

James Truscott, a graduate of music at the University of Kent, has been found dead in a house in Canterbury where two other musicians were previously found dead.

The two others have been named as Maximum Martin and Joshua Lambert-Price.

All three were in their 20s.

The police say there are no suspicious circumstances.



  • V. Lind says:

    What does it take to make the police suspicious? Three young men in their 20s, all musicians, all “found dead” in the same house?

    Don’t tell me that’s a typical day out in Canterbury. I know the police are shorthanded, but this would seem to bear investigation. Afraid they won’t get a result fast enough to cook their clear-up rates?

  • Sue says:

    This is just dreadful. There are families and loved ones left behind in this story!!!

  • John Borstlap says:

    Canterbury has a history of unexpected deaths:


  • Godfrey King says:

    I bet they woul soon term it ‘suspicious’ if it was an old folks home. The three deaths would have to be ‘natural’ to be ‘not suspicious’…..and it is against the laws of nature that three young people should die in the same place within a relatively short time scale and at such a young age. However….supposing the police thought as most of those above thought….’Drugs misuse’. What an ‘aid and abet’ minefield that could be….students! Who was involved, is it rife, if so where, with whom and any Uni. staff involved….where the supplies are, who the suppliers are? Back in the late 1980’s I was in an envirnoment where narcotics were bought by small time dealers for the weekend supplies to their’customers’. And one of the regular places they bought their supplies at (all the way from Somerset) was Canterbury. After all this time unhindered…..another question might be asked ‘What do the local police know about the use and supply of narcotics locally and thus nationally which they might not be as diligent about as they could be and why would they term something as ‘not suspicious’ which natural thought process would suggest otherwise’. I think someone ought to request the police look again…….an independant police force that is.

  • Terence says:

    The phrase “no suspicious circumstances” normally indicates that the death was, based on the evidence at the scene, a suicide.

    Three such events might indicate a suicide pact of some sort but again that would require evidence to draw such a conclusion.

  • Alicia Layne says:

    Just wanted to comment about this…Firstly, the above story isn’t quite correct. James Truscott sadly died Thurs 24th Aug. Maximum Martin was compere at a festival he had set up over 25-27th. He and Joshua James Lambert-Price died together at the house the following Tues, 29th.
    They were all very talented – James was a music grad.
    This link from local press 3 weeks on said no cause could be found at that time -which hopefully shut up the few, including a disgraceful editorial in the local paper, which decided drugs were the cause. …”