A Kiwi beats off three Yanks at Wigmore Hall

A Kiwi beats off three Yanks at Wigmore Hall


norman lebrecht

September 08, 2017

press release:

New Zealand baritone Julien van Mellaerts wins top prize at 2017 Wigmore Hall/Kohn Foundation International Song Competition

Julien Van Mellaerts, a 29-year old New Zealand baritone was tonight [7 September 2017] awarded £10,000 after a week of public heats, coaching, talks and masterclasses at Wigmore Hall. In a competitive Final he took First Prize in the Wigmore Hall/Kohn Foundation International Song Competition against three American finalists, baritones John Brancy, Josh Quinn and mezzo-soprano Clara Osowski.


  • Scotty says:

    I don’t know British slang well, but in American slang that’s not the headline you want to use.

    • Dan P. says:

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • Fritz Curzon says:

      We live and learn (thanks). Reminds me of a beautiful American girl I met in the early 70s named Randy Sweat. Not “cool” over here.

    • Mikey says:

      I’m certain that Norman does it on purpose. His website is really turning to click bait for hits the last year or so.

      It used to be this was the place to come for real news on the musical arts, but it’s turned more into a TMZ/National Enquirer styled website of scandals and sly innuendo.

      So don’t worry, I’m almost positive that the headline was quite specifically written to give a rise.

      It really is a shame because this used to be a place you could trust, and it’s not like Norman is a bad writer. I don’t know what has encouraged this move away from serious discussion. It really is a shame.

    • No, the fascination of this site has always been its spicy, vividly colorful, tabloid style news coverage, which is often masterfully dosed with the perfect bit of sensationalism, scandalism and micro-provocation. It is NOT a shame. It is why we all love it!

      If you think this is the place for “serious” (a.k.a. boring) journalism, you must have a sheltered life. You should keep reading your New England Journal of Abstract Music.

  • Sixtus says:

    Beats off three wankers? Huh?

  • Jim says:

    If the headline or one’s attention span stopped at the 4th word then, yes, eyebrows might rise. Otherwise we are learning more about the respondents than the story. Context is everything.
    Any comments about the Gerald Finley story? (reading up to the 4th word)

  • Melisande says:


    Let us come to the musical heart of the matter!
    Much to enjoy.