Watch: Anna Netrebko warms up for Aida

The diva has posted video footage of her rehearsal with Riccardo Muti.


Becoming Aida…

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  • Oh please, Lord, don’t tell me that’s dark makeup she has on to make her look Ethiopien.

    Basta blackface in opera.

      • Googling “Netrebko black and white photo”, she looks many, many shades lighter in those photos.

        If Kaufmann can do an Otello “for the ages” as critics have raved, without self-tanning spray, Anna, you can too.

    • Aidas since Leontyne:

      Aaron, Beňačková, Branchini, Brown, Chiara, Dessì, Dragoni, Eaglen, Fantini, Freni, Gallardo-Domâs, Guleghina, Harteros, He, Kasrashvili, Lewis, Millo, Monastyrska, Moore, Netrebko, Serjan, Stemme, Stoyanova, Studer, Sumegi, Sweet, Tokody, Troitskaya, Urmana, Voigt and Yeo.

  • Recall that long before Anna Netrebko, long before the hyperventilating days of instant social media exposure, there was someone by the name of Cheryl Studer singing the part.

    Aida – Cheryl Studer
    Radamès – Dennis O’Neill
    Amneris – Waltraud Meier
    Amonasro – Robert Hale
    Ramfis – Kurt Rydl
    Il Re d’Egitto – Harry Dworchak
    Messaggero – James Anderson
    Sacerdotessa – Jennifer Trost
    19 January 1996, Munich, Nationaltheater, Chor und Orchester der Bayerischen Staatsoper, Roberto Abbado

          • Not boring at all. Once anyone sings professionally for so long, especially sopranos, over 40 years in her case, it is only fitting that a switch to less demanding rep should happen. Look back in history. It’s in the tradition. Important voices can bring to life roles that are considered minor or secondary. Same thing happens in spoken theater.

          • I found – she sang at Bazel opera house where my fav prodigy sang Leonora in “La Forza” , it’s a destiny 😉 😉 😉

          • I said “boring” having in mind the search at Operabase 😉 – you are correct with switching – the voices are changing ( as they call it) – do agree

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