Venezuela’s Maduro lashes out at Gustavo Dudamel

Venezuela’s Maduro lashes out at Gustavo Dudamel


norman lebrecht

August 19, 2017

The Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has attacked the conductor Gustavo Dudamel for urging his government to bring peace to the country.

Appearing on television, Maduro told Dudamel: ‘I hope God forgives you.’

‘Welcome to politics, Gustavo Dudamel. But act with ethics, and don’t let yourself be deceived into attacking the architects of this beautiful movement of young boys and girls,’ he added, claiming regime ownership of the Sistema youth movement from which Dudamel sprang.

There has been no response from Dudamel, or from his mentor Abreu (pictured above with Maduro).


  • Eduardo Monteiro says:

    The picture is with Chavez, not Maduro

  • Christian Schruff says:

    It is Hugo Chavez in the picture, not Maduro.

    • Alvaro says:

      Since when does SlippeDisc care about petty things like facts?

      One is supposed to come to these areas of the web in search of comedy, entertainment, obituaries (given that 8/10 news is someone from the old guard dying), and maybe some clever puns.

      Its like the Browowitz report but with lesser audience (or wit), but most of the time like the National Enquirer. Other times it reaches the level of CollegeHumor, such as this post.

      Next story: Did Aliens take Karajan?

  • Mark Henriksen says:

    I’ve read God likes peacemakers so the Dude shouldn’t be worried.

  • V. Lind says:

    Since there is no link to a source, I am nervous about commenting, but my initial reaction is that there is something weird about ANY leader berating someone for asking his government to act for peace — it rather suggests an admission that the leader is not interested in peace

  • Burton says:

    Query: Where are the Russian-inspired site trolls? Shouldn’t they be chiming in at this point in defense of those expressing anti-Western sentiments? Asleep at the wheel – or just off duty for the weekend? I suppose even professional trolls deserve a break now and again. Stay tuned!

    • Anon says:

      Oh, the US-inspired site trolls like you are all the entertainment we need at the moment.
      Keep the paranoia! Fun to watch.

  • Vittorio Parisi says:

    Late reaction by Dudamel, obvious reaction by a dictator. That’s all

  • Hernan says:

    Facts about Venezuela.

    *The Venezuelan oligarchy and and the US elites have historically opposed the Bolivarian Revolution.

    *The oligarchy with US backing attempted a coup, and failed.

    *The US has declared Venezuela an imminent danger to the nation security of the United States. (a precondition to a US invasion)

    *The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has publicly stated and thus a treat to invade Venezuela

    *Venezuela has the largest oil reserve in the world today.

    *The US spends millions to subvert Venezuela

    *Dudamel has NEVER condemned US intervention in Venezuelan internal affairs

    *Dudamel has never condemned Venezuelans for collaborating with US imperialism to overthrow the Revolution, which Dudamel has benefited.

    *Dudamel has never condemned the US for its acts of hostility towards Venezuela.

    I do believe that majority of the 800,000 kids and their families who receive free musical education do see Dudamel as a traitor. Through is imprudence, he has succeeded in poisoning his relations in Venezuela. There is nothing that he can say other than apologize for his betrayal.

    • Maria Gabriela Rodriguez says:

      Hernan before talk bullshit, I invite you to live a year in Venezuela – Chavism its a big lie, Maduro its a Ditactor , killer, People are starving, government simply kills or disappears whoever opposes. The elections are all rigged, of the more than 150 deaths during the protests against the dictatorial regime of Maduro, the TV almost does not show, because they show, the government closes the channel, and in my humble opinion who support bandit is equal or worse !

  • Hernan says:

    The great and beloved Hugo Chavez must be crying in heaven. Gustavo Dudamel has betrayed the Bolivarian Revolution. The racist Venezuelan elites are pleased that they finally got to Dudamel. The Zionist cultural elites in Los Angeles are also pleased. Now Dudamel will not get harassed when he plays in Israel as he was the last time.

    Way to go Gustavo, you are now a full fledged collaborator with the US against Venezuela. The Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela is not going to produce magic for a traitor. Those days are gone forever.

    • Mark says:

      Who knew the ghost of Chavez reads this blog ?
      How’s hell treating ya, commie ? Say hi to Adolf and Joe S. !

      • Anon says:

        I think the commie dogs and the imperialist pigs are all in the same hot place.
        Right now Joe S. was seen smoking cigars with Pinochet and Ronny Reagan.
        Adolf is a bit of an outlaw there, sitting in his hot tub all day, playing with his rubber duck and listening to Wagner.
        They are all awaiting eagerly the arrival of Henry Kissinger.

      • Anon says:

        I know it hurts your calcified brains, who were so carefully washed that way for decades, but you have to let go of the idea, that you were with the good guys. You have all been bad guys, the commies and those who sided with the imperialist pricks. Sorry history will have no better place for you.

    • Mike Schachter says:

      Unfortunately this is probably not parody, but it looks that way. Unlike most Venezuelan citizens Dudamel is able to get away from Maduro’s Marxist hellhole.

    • Josh says:


      You’re all WRONG mate.

      A Venezuelan

      • hernan says:

        If Dudamel has any dignity, he should resign El Systema for his treachery. Does he now support a Donald Trump invasion?

    • Alvaro says:

      I’m actually surprised Hernan can afford Internet while most of his compatriots literally cannot eat, nor have toilet paper to clean themselves.

      He’s either profiting from the destruction of a prosper nation like many do in the failed Cuba, or even better….defending the destruction of his nation from afar, not experimenting what his compatriots experiment.

      In either case, only a coward (or someone with a severe mental illness) would dare to so openly defend what is the obvious reality that Venezuela is in the 5th stage of Hell right now.

      • Anon says:

        ‘destruction of a prosper nation’

        We have to stop this simplistic, infantile nonsense, really.
        Yes, Venezuela is a horrible place now.
        But it was not a great place (except for a very small percentage of the population) at any recent time, also not before Chavez rose to power. Go study a bit of recent history, why Chavez was welcomed by a large majority of the population.
        Neither is the death of hundreds of protesters something unique to the current regime. Google Caracas riots…

  • BillG says:

    Maduro has lead his country into ruin where soldiers beg for food on the streets. All this accomplished in the true sense of fraternal socialism.

    • Anon says:

      Apparently, socialism, capitalism, it doesn’t matter.
      The neoliberal Pre-Chavez system also steered the country into poverty and stellar inflation, caused by a falling oil price in the 1980s.

      The GDP in 1998, right before Chavez wrestled himself into power, was at a record low, at the same level as 1963.

      Too easy and not pointing at the fundamental causes to blame socialism alone.

      From wiki:
      Some state that “neoliberalism” was the cause of Venezuelan economic difficulties, though overreliance on oil prices and a fractured political system without parties agreeing on policies caused much of the problems.[39] By the mid-1990s under President Rafael Caldera, Venezuela saw annual inflation rates of 50-60% from 1993 to 1997 with an exceptional peak in 1996 at 99.88%.[37] The number of people living in poverty rose from 36% in 1984 to 66% in 1995[40] with the country suffering a severe banking crisis (Venezuelan banking crisis of 1994). In 1998, the economic crisis had grown even worse. Per capita GDP was at the same level as 1963 (after adjusting 1963 dollar to 1998 value), down a third from its 1978 peak; and the purchasing power of the average salary was a third of its 1978 level.[41]

  • M2N2K says:

    According to ‘hernan’, “Venezuela has the largest oil reserve in the world today.”. If that is true, then its government is even more guilty than I believed initially. And those who think that every pronouncement of an incompetent and impotent president (who is unable to keep even his own cabinet in order while having barely any support in congress – even within his own party) has any kind of credibility and weight, you are living in fantasy world. Even Maduro is not that stupid and knows that those are empty words that can be safely ignored except that they can be conveniently used for propaganda purposes. Meanwhile, it was helpful to find out that “Zionist cultural elites in Los Angeles” and apparently the country of Israel too are to be blamed for whatever: makes it crystal clear where ‘hernan’ is coming from and what are his/her true colors.

    • Burton says:

      There we go! Until “ANON” and “HERNAN” reappeared I was a bit perplexed that the trolls were so slow on the uptake. It seemed odd they hadn’t launched their pre-fabricated barrage of robotic talking points (which systematically seek to besmirch the Western democratic outlook while assiduously promoting the pro-Putin outlook). Then again, who would begrudge the trolls a late summer break from their grim toil. Perhaps some R&R will do them good and lift their heavy spirits. And now it seems they’re back on the job fighting the good fight (on a compensated basis presumably). Well done gents. As persuasive as ever!

      • Anon says:

        That must be the effect of the US alternative-reality brainwashing. You quote them some facts that draw a somewhat more differentiated and complex picture than the cartoonish perversions of reality they are only used to and are able to process, black and white only, and they call you a troll.
        I also fail to see a democratic outlook in anything coming out of the US lately. Gentlemen, get a sense of reality, please.

        • Sue says:

          “Alternative reality brainwashing”. Absolutely brilliant. And correct.

        • Burton says:

          My thanks to ANON for striving selflessly to rescue me from “cartoonish perversions of reality” by quoting “some facts that draw a somewhat more differentiated and complex picture.” Yikes. Though I fail to detect anything beyond a formulaic spin-bot with a bizarre approach to the English language, I am strangely touched by the stated concern expressed for my welfare and the pity at my ability to “process … in black and white only.” Am almost becoming tearful. Please, sir, do not give up on me. One day I yet may rise to your towering stature resplendent with insight and humanity. ANON: Spread the word! Keep hope alive! Stay strong!

        • M2N2K says:

          While getting “a sense of reality” yourself, consider that when protesters, demonstrating in the streets because they are starving, keep getting murdered by their government’s forces and its hired thugs, the picture becomes much less “differentiated and complex”. In fact, presenting it that way is probably at least as immoral as praising “fine people” among neo-nazi supremacists in Charlottesville. The very fact that Venezuelan people continue demonstrating while knowing that they may be murdered any minute tells us how horrible the situation is in their country.

          • Anon says:

            In 1989 when the Venezuelan government killed hundreds, if not thousands, of protesters who took to the streets in their despair and poverty (Caracazo riots), the US sent money, loans…
            So you have to look at some more fundamental underlying factors, to understand what is going on in the world in general, and in that country in particular.

          • M2N2K says:

            Those of us who are always eager to learn about “fundamental underlying factors” are already aware that nearly three decades ago in Venezuela there was a violent government crackdown against rioters and looters who were protesting rising prices. So what? It does not in any way make current situation any less disastrous or the murderous behavior by the current government any more acceptable. Neither does a different response by USA make killing Venezuelan protesters by the Maduro regime the right thing to do. The article about those events in 1989 also mentions that “as part of the government’s security forces, members of Hugo Chávez’s MBR-200 allegedly participated in the crackdown”. Not very surprising but still nice to know.

    • markb says:

      USA’s 1% owned media (rates a dismal #45 in freedom of press globally according to reporters without borders) isn’t a great source of trustworthy information about a government it never liked. Venezuela is in crisis BUT it’s way way exaggerated and Washington DC nor Venezuela’s right wingers want anything to get better before they can change the president there. They will try and make sure Maduro has a hard time fixing things. I say viva the revolution. Socialist revolutions happen for a very good reason. Why go backwards?