US violinists get stung by Ryanair

We have advised readers, time and again, not to try taking an instrument on Ryanair.

Here’s why.

Laurie Niles at reports that Danwen Jiang, Professor of Violin at Arizona State University, flew with three of her students from Milano-Bergamo to a festival in Nuremberg.

They were forced to buy an extra seat for each of their violins – or pay 50 Euros to stow them in the hold.

OK, one more time: do not fly Ryanair with a violin. Got it?

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  • RyanAir is possibly the cheapest airline on Earth. I said “possibly” because there is at least one airline in Asia that bans consuming your own food / snack / bottled water on board.

    Yes, you must buy water / food / snack from the flight attendants, or don’t drink nor eat during your flight.

    Nevertheless, you get what you pay for.

    P.S. Typically, it costs more if you fly an budget airline and subscribe to the equal amount/quality of services. Whoever thinks one could get equal service on a budget airlines needs to master basic math additions again.

  • I don’t honestly know why folks think that Ryan Air is a budget airline, after paying the return costs of luggage, actually offten works out cheaper to fly other non-budget airlines such as Austrian Airlines to name just 1 as they include a 20-24 kilo luggage allowance as standard. ( think again folks) !!

  • An expensive baggage forwarding service allowing the owner to travel as well for a small additional fee.

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