Two Houston music students lose everything to floods

Two Houston music students lose everything to floods


norman lebrecht

August 29, 2017

From a GoFundMe appeal:

Claire Kostic  and Kathryn Bradley woke up Sunday at 6 AM and heard water rushing into their first floor apartment. Claire and Kathryn had to grab what they could and evacuate quickly to a neighbor’s apartment upstairs on the 2nd floor. While evacuating they knocked on other doors to alert their neighbors of the incoming water. Unfortunately, the water reached neck deep in their apartment. Claire and Kathryn have lost EVERYTHING: clothes, furniture, electronics…

Claire plays oboe and Kathryn plays double bass. They are both wonderful teachers, musicians, and friends. They not only need help replacing basic necessities and all of their furniture, but they need help replacing items that they need for their careers – including performance clothes, very expensive reed making materials … all of music that they own (etude books, orchestral repetoire, and solo pieces), and expensive audio recording equipment …. Unfortunately, their apartment insurance does not cover floods.

You can help here.


  • Where are the insurance companies now?

    • Cyril Blair says:

      Getting ready to pay out lots of claims, I’m sure. Most of the victims of this didn’t have flood insurance, but some did.

  • Una Barry says:

    Same in England. You need to read the small print of any insurance. No wonder people don’t bother.

    • Cyril Blair says:

      Even if you read the fine print that might not solve your problem. It’s possible these women couldn’t have found an insurance policy that would have provided flood coverage. Or if they found one it might have been prohibitively expensive.

      If you live in a flood plain, try to rent higher than the first floor. Or maybe now…higher than the second floor….