Top UK musicians turn against National Musicians Church

Top UK musicians turn against National Musicians Church


norman lebrecht

August 23, 2017

Some of the most respected musicians in Britain- including the composers Judith Weir, Howard Goodall and James MacMillan have published a letter calling on the National Musicians Church to revoke its decision to close the church to musicians who want to hire it for rehearsal and performance.

They write:

This move was made without consultation and contradicts assurances given when the church was taken over in 2013 by Holy Trinity Brompton. At present, the historic building rings with rehearsals and concerts by the country’s finest ensembles, including the Sixteen. It is deeply regrettable that the current incumbent, the Rev David Ingall, wishes to exclude superb music, even as he asserts that “our ministry as the National Musicians’ Church continues to be a core part of our church’s identity and vision”. We don’t understand how excluding musicians and listeners who regularly visit the church during rehearsals and concerts would further this goal.

This is truly the worst kind of bad faith.

You can sign a petition here.


  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    Shouldn’t they be writing to the Bishop of London and the Archbishop of Canterbury. I don’t understand the phrase “taken over”. Are the present users evangelicals?

    • DESR says:

      Yes, it is HTB. Welby should intervene, as an HTB man…

    • Not Born Yesterday says:

      Blame those Alpha course nutters up at Brompton, I have read the Bible from Gen to Revs, it was a real struggle, like reading Finnegans Wake without the puns, very boring all those begats etc, funny in parts, about what one can eat etc, it was not peer reviewed and did not have any verifiable rferences or facts in it, mostly clichés and supposition with blind faith thrown in for good measure and as Dave Allen remarked this is the book one is supposed to swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in a Court of law! LOL.

  • bratschegirl says:

    Maybe the Rev. Ingall is afraid that the making of actual music inside the church could lead to dancing…

    • Steve P says:

      Is he a Baptist?

      • DESR says:

        Holy Trinity Brompton is not Baptist – it is evangelical, charismatic, speaking in tongues, outing the evil spirits/cancerous cells, dancing in the aisles, overhead projectors with endless very dubious, oft-repeated ghastly modern church songs.

        Real music therefore does not really feature.

        • Never Mind the Bollix says:

          That alpha course stuff is all woolly liberal bollix, Welby is a useless Archbishop, they should have got Richard Chartres instead. Welby was born the wrong side of the blanket a press report mentioned a while ago

          • DESR says:

            I am not sure that is remotely relevant.

            And HTB is not liberal.

            (But agreed re Chartres.)

  • Will Duffay says:

    Unfortunately appeals to the good nature of evangelicals usually come to nothing, as they so often blinkered by the certainty of their faith and convinced that they are right.

    • Max Grimm says:

      “[…] often blinkered by the certainty of their faith and convinced that they are right.”

      That’s called ‘being religious’ 😉

  • Father Ted says:

    I read an account of a Grand Tour in Venice by some Lordie in the early 18th century, he attended the Opedale concerts with Father Vivaldi directing a band of girls behind a silk screen. He said the place was packed as were other churches when music, motets, oratorios etc were put on and then they emptied fast like pulling a plug out of a wash basin. Clearly church attendance was a problem even then music attracted the punters.

  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    Speaking in tongues? What rot, bippety boppety.