Simon Rattle: We’ll have to make the best of Brexit

From an interview with Erica Jeal in the Guardian today:

Some of the (LSO) players asked whether I’d have taken the job if I had known. I said it would have made me extraordinarily wary, it’s true – but we will make the best of it we can. And a lot of our European counterparts have said, ‘We are going to try to do more work with you rather than less!’” 

Full interview here.

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  • “it was the orchestra’s curiosity and enthusiasm and complete lack of bullshit that I found amazingly attractive”

    Interesting, Rattle’s highest praise for someone is “complete lack of bullshit”, he used the identical phrase regarding his first meeting with Karajan in a documentary.

    But does he mean “humbleness” or “authenticity” or “absence of pretence” or “directness”? One wonders which orchestra and conductor he thinks is “full of bullshit”.

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