Netrebko recruits husband as substitute

Netrebko recruits husband as substitute


norman lebrecht

August 28, 2017

Marcelo Alvarez has dropped out of Vienna’s season-opening revival of Il Trovatore.

No problem, says its star, Anna Netrebko. My husband, Yusif Eyvazov, will step in.

He has got a week to learn the role.

press statement:

In der Wiederaufnahme von Verdis Il trovatore am Montag, 4.* September 2017 kehrt Anna Netrebko, die die Partie bereits bei der Premiere der Produktion von Daniele Abbado im Februar 2017 verkörpert hat, als Leonora zurück auf die Bühne des Hauses am Ring. Marcelo Álvarez musste seine Auftritte soeben krankheitsbedingt absagen, an seiner Stelle gibt Yusif Eyvazov sein Rollendebüt als Manrico an der Wiener Staatsoper.


  • Ungeheuer says:

    Nepotism. She has learned well from observing how certain Russians do business.

    • herrera says:

      Nepotism like the British Sir Simon and his wife, like the Latvian Nelsons and his wife, like the Italian Muti and his daughter…

      • Ungeheuer says:

        Well, yes. Those too.

        • Anon says:

          So, no reason to voice chauvinistic resentments because one’s grandfather didn’t like the Russians because they were his enemies in the war, don’t you think?

      • I guess there is a subtle difference in the cases of Rattle and Nelsons though. Maybe they are actually not that fond of bringing their wives. Maybe it is their wives who try to enforce such deals, so that they can follow their husbands everywhere they go and watch their “conduct” closely:) Because these women just know all too well how dangerous younger female singers could be.

        So Russia is still the only one to blame 😀

      • Novagerio says:

        You forgot Abbado and his stage director son Daniele….just saying!

  • Michael Güttler says:

    Yuzif knows the role. He has done it in Berlin together with Anna last year.

  • Sael says:

    Eyvazov not only sang Manrico in Berlin. He sang it also successfully in Paris at Opera Bastille where commentators said he was better than Alvarez who sang it in previous performances.

    • Sophia Baldaracci says:

      Do you love her for her body or her voice? How about Dame Sutherland? Did you think that she was out of shape also?

      • Juan Matamoros says:

        Sutherland had a musical career based in music virtuosity and a voice so powerful that no other opera singer was able to match her belcanto performances are epic.

      • Fact is, without her nice face and bella figura, Netrebko would have never obtained the fame and popularity she is enjoying today. Why people are crazy about Jonas Kaufmann, but not Yusif Eyvazov? Same reason! Thank God what she sings is NOT “the best that a vocal artist can offer for nearly two decades”. Just listen to her Vier Letzte Lieder and you will not disagree.

        Visual art is “visual”. Opera performance is (among other things) a visual art. There are great female singers who still have impeccable grace and class even if their visual appearance changes a lot due to aging. Everyone can decide for herself whether she would say the same thing to Netrebko.

        People are getting sick and tired of the fact that they are not allowed to rightfully criticize unprofessional, over-hyped female artists anymore.

        • AMetFan says:

          You seem to always ask for definitions of English words on this site. Your homework for this evening is to describe the differences between criticize, critique, and malign. You surely can’t be that ignorant.

        • Knowing what I don’t know is still much better than being a frog who sits in a deep narrow well but thinks she is looking at the whole sky and swimming in the ocean. It’s also called unconscious incompetence.

          I also learn some new words today:

          Q: How do you call someone who speaks two languages?
          A: Bilingual

          Q: Three languages?
          A: Trilingual

          Q: Many languages?
          A: Polyglot

          Q: What about just one language?
          A: American

  • Louise Howlett says:

    seriously… did this conversation just turn to Netrebko’s weight?

  • AMetFan says:

    Please judge Miss Netrebko on her musical and dramatic abilities. Are your remarks sizeism or simply misogony? Either is despicable. If her singing has suffered, that is another matter. We should celebrate her successes and presence on the world stage, not demean her status with churlish remarks. Artistically, Miss Netrebko has given us the best that a vocal artist can offer for nearly two decades. Let us respect her in kind.

  • Edgar says:

    The only shape I care about is the musical one, well executed. To paraphrase Queen Elizabeth I: there is one God, Music. Everything else is irrelevant.

  • fierywoman says:

    You forgot Placido Domingo making his wife a stage director.