Music publisher hires a dancer

Music publisher hires a dancer


norman lebrecht

August 08, 2017

No, he’s not starting in first position.

Matthew Trent was principal artist with Australian Ballet and the Royal Ballet in London before dancing in Billy Elliot on Broadway.

Today he joined G. Schirmer as Promotion Manager.


  • DrummerMan says:

    There’s nothing in the Schirmer press release which describes his qualifications for the job.

    • Max Grimm says:

      Well, according to the man himself, he’s gathered experiences and qualifications after ballet by initially getting by, being “a faculty member of the Broadway Dreams Foundation, working as an intern in a major casting agency for theatre and film and as a day manager of an Australian restaurant, and often being an “out of work” actor, auditioning and praying for the next contract”.
      More recently (according to his biography) he has worked as a photographer, “Special Events Coordinator and Chief Executive’s Personal Assistant for BAFTA New York (2012),Executive Personal Assistant to Mr Anthony Grant, Director of Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s New York and currently is choreographer/director Christopher Wheeldon’s Personal Assistant (2013)” and in 2016 launched “Trent Lifestyle Management (A boutique Concierge service for client’s professional and person[al] daily needs)”

  • V. Lind says:

    1. Being a “promotion manager” is not rocket science. Any average bright school leaver could do it, if trained in the requirements of the position.A very bright one — and there are many — could excel at it. So someone who has been “the promoted” simply brings some value-added along with the rest of his experience.

    2. There is an operation in Toronto called The Dancers’ Transition Resource Centre that has as its raison d’être the assistance of dancers from their professional stage careers to others. I do not know if other countries operate similar schemes, but it might prove profitable to examine their website.

    3. This young man has not sat on his backside bemoaning the end of a glorious career — he has got out there and earned a living, doing whatever jobs were available and picking up many skills along the way. There is no reason not to assume he will be a terrific asset to his new employer.

    • Alvaro says:

      So, why are the arts in crisis?

      Look at the resumes of 99.9999999999% of all the arts “administrators”.

      Would you be cool having a dancer in charge of the national budget? President? CEO of a major corporation? Its disgusting tonsee how insular this little, very little, world is.

      But at the end of the day, who cares? A bunch of arts centers and orchestras go broke, the musicians complain the arts are dying, there are social campaigns to “save the music” and some rich retard or a whole bunch of believers pitch in money so that a dancer/trombonist/failed pianist/or violist can keep playing “manager” or “administrator” until the next orchestra goes under.

      Repeat ad libitum…

  • Matt Trent says:

    Hello Music community,
    I am a 44 year old professional who has ten years of Arts Administration experience (SYDNEY FESTIVAL, BAFTA NY, TELSEY+ CO CASTING, SOTHEBY’S,AN AMERICAN IN PARIS (Bway & West End) & CHRISTOPHER WHEELDON’S PA).
    This role at G.Schirmer is Promotions for Ballet & Opera. I have extensive international contacts and long standing active professional relationships with many key players in the music and performing arts industries which will allow me to promote the wonderful catalogue. I have an existing successful relationship with Music Sales and I am excited to join the team in a full time capacity.
    I hope this may contain some of the negative views seen above.
    Matthew Trent

  • Clarrisa Wahtoski says:

    No Matthew it does not contain the negative comments. There are grave discrepancies in your resume. Having dealt with BAFTA New York you were NEVER Head of Events. To say you have 10 years of Arts Administration experience – in positions which have risen been above Executive Assistant – PA – well the mind boggles – of what you think arts administration. And then your position at the Sydney Festival – Artist Liaison! Really ! The position is a PR position and your email response breaks all the codes of 101 PR Management. Further people say that classical music is dead – if unmusical people get jobs like this how can music proceed – and composers feel as if they are in safe, good, learned hands – and please don’t tell you can sight sing a Boulez score

    • Ann says:

      As I mentioned in a past reply – check out all the famous successful people in this business that never thought they would achieve success as administrators but did great ( such as Dr Joseph Polisi- President of Juilliard).

  • Carol Sonnenberg says:

    I know a lot about this business and someone with Matt Trent’s background is exactly who Schirmer should hire!. Look at his credentials and if you can’t comprehend it than PLEASE don’t show your ignorance by putting out FAKE comments.

  • Carol says:

    Clarrisa Wahtoski, you should read the prologue
    of The Artist as Citizen by Joseph Polisi (President of Juilliard) . Dr Polisi didn’t believe he was the
    correct candidate but he was still going to apply and hope for the best! Guess what? He had gotten selected and has been amazingly good at his job for over thirty years!