John Rutter weighs in on Musicians-Church-Without-Musicians

John Rutter weighs in on Musicians-Church-Without-Musicians


norman lebrecht

August 15, 2017

The Telegraph has picked up the St-Sep’s scandal from Slipped Disc and gone to church composer John Rutter for comment.

Rutter says: ‘What this current vicar seems to be saying is that music is OK so long as it’s part of a worship service. The concerts that take place in just about every church in the land, they’re not OK, and rehearsals are not OK either.

‘That flies in the face of the Anglican tradition.

‘I know Richard Chartres was a great friend of music and he would have been the first to say ‘come on’. But he is gone and so there’s nobody else.’

A sorry state of affairs.




  • Fritz Curzon says:

    I wonder whether our Memorial (concert) with minimal “service” input to Clifford, back in 1982, would now be allowed.
    There must be many names in St Sep’s register spinning in their graves.

  • Fritz Curzon says:

    When driving around England, Clifford would very often point out churches in which he had performed in his earlier years.

  • Chris Clift says:

    I am most sad at reading this story about ‘The Musicians’ Church’.
    Only a couple of months ago I was at a service during which of the Book of Remembrance, containing the names of many musicians who had passed away during the previous 12 months, was re-dedicated. My late wife, Karen O’Connor, oboist first with Opera North and then the CBSO, had her name inscribed in the book as did another oboist, Neil Black.. Indeed a month or two before the service of re-dedication, there was a splendid memorial concert for Neil in the Church which was attended by countless eminent performers who had known him, and played with him
    A great shame the clergy of the Church are taking this approach.