Horror: Scottish conductor is murdered in Argentina

Police in the city of Córdoba have found the body of Finlay Ferguson, killed by a blow to the head with a heavy object, apparently a gym dumbbell. He had been tied to the bed.

Ferguson, 60, was conductor of the San Martin Theatre’s Orquesta Académica Juvenil , whose players are aged from 15 to 22.

Several men are being questioned.

UPDATE: Killer is jailed for life

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    • You are one sick individual! My brother was bruttally murdered by a psychopath and all you want are juicy details!

      Re look at your position as a human being, with empathy for others going through hell.

      Absolute shame on you.

  • Norman, I am not able to read this on my iPhone as I keep receiving threatening virus messages whether I open Slipped Disc through Facebook or Google. This does not happen on my MacBook Air. Can something be done about this – it has been going on for several weeks now and I miss reading Slipped Disc on my phone. Surely, I am not the only one having this problem!

    • Validating you are not alone experiencing the problem you describe when accessing SlippeDisc through the browser on a mobile device.

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  • I just said something about rss subscription, which is a totally legitimate way to read this blog and even officially supported by the host. However, all my subsequent posts got censored for no reason.

  • I deplore the first comment on this page re the horrid murder of a Scottish conductor. It is prurient and distasteful.

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