Horror: Acid attack on a youth orchestra violist

Horror: Acid attack on a youth orchestra violist


norman lebrecht

August 08, 2017

An 18 year-old young woman was jailed yesterday in Edinburgh for pouring acid into the viola case of a classmate who was dating her ex-boyfriend. The attack took place at Knox Academy in Haddington, East Lothian.

The victim, Molly Young, was severely injured when she opened the case, requiring surgery and leaving her permanently disfigured. The viola was destroyed.

The perpetrator, Emily Bowen, had searched the internet for ‘acid attack’. She was sentenced to 21 months’ jail.


  • Alexander says:

    envy is known to be a kind of jealousy … to dig deeper, jealousy is a derivation from avidity … just so , pure psychology ….

    • Saskia says:

      I’m curious about your comment..almost condoning such actions by stating her jealousy was a form of envy..

      • Alexander says:

        don’t covet ( or something in a way from the Testament) – logically envy is a mortal sin ….. and I’m not a priest or too ardent christian … mutilation is horror

  • Pei Liao says:

    21 months??!! 21 months??! 21 years is more a fitting sentence!!

    • Rgiarola says:

      Outrageous! UK justice lost its mind!

      • Max Grimm says:

        What is just as outrageous are contemptible defence solicitors trying to make a wicked aggressor into a victim deserving compassion because she has depression and a mild form of autism.

    • Rb van Doesburg says:

      21 month or 21 years, it won’t help the Victim nor the attacker

      • Jj says:

        It won’t help the attacker – it might JUST convince him/her to CLEAR HIS/HER MIND into not being an attacker ANYMORE!!!!

      • Max Grimm says:

        No, unfortunately it will not.
        It could however benefit the next person that finds him-/herself the focus of Ms. Bowen’s displeasure and is then left with (according to her solicitor) her “struggles to deal with things”.

        • Jj says:

          Well – may I, A ROMANIAN, long for such BRITISH magistrates as Dr. Livesey (cf. “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson) ?!!! If nothing else/better!!!!…

  • Alex Davies says:

    The incidence of acid attacks in the UK is becoming extremely concerning. We apparently now have the highest rate of acid attacks per capita in the world. The vast majority, of course, are not in Edinburgh, but in east London. Exemplary sentencing is perhaps a part of the solution, but it is only a part of it.

    • Another Has-been says:

      Maybe if the Cameron government hadn’t abolished the Poisons Board (which wanted to make it more difficult to buy acids) this problem might not be growing so fast. But the British public have had enough of experts…

  • Jj says:

    Didn’t you, Sir/Ma’am, read that novel?

  • James R. Stettner says:

    It’s difficult enough being a classical musician. Airlines break or confiscate priceless instruments. It seems fewer and fewer people appreciate (much less understand) the hours of practice and the discipline it takes to be a professional trained musician. And now musicians have to look-out for psychos?!?!? You’ll note it wasn’t the former boyfriend…the one who left the perpetrator…who suffered the attack. This world is really going down the tubes faster and faster. 🙁

  • Arthur Bancroft says:

    British Justice is a joke
    This girl is disfigured for life.
    Have we got comedians dressed up as Judges