Glenn Gould estate sells out all rights

The future Glenn Gould royalties, as well as the rights to his name and image, have been sold to Primary Wave Entertainment, a US agency that squeezes artists’ reputations to the last drop. Story here.

The don’t own this.

photo (c) Don Hunstein/Lebrecht Music&Arts

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  • From the press release ( “It is a well-known fact that Glenn Gould embraced technology and would have loved the direct-to-listener experience […]” Concerning the latter: That’s why Gould gave so many live concerts late in his life … To be fair: I have no idea what PrimaryWave is thinking about when they say “direct-to-listener experience”. Maybe it is just the lunch boxes as mentioned by Robert.

  • Sickening. Glenn Gould’s lawyer, Stephen Posen, became the sole executor of the estate, and now he gets to cash in on the image of his client. This ranks up there with the absurdity of Ravel’s estate. That a corporation can own the rights to the image of another human being after their death has got to be one of the most revolting aspects of capitalism.

    • What’s it got to do with ‘capitalism’? If image, compositions or otherwise have copyright beyond the point of death, someone is going to own it. Clearly can’t be the deceased, and in some cases it will clearly have value. Is it not copyright law which causes this situation to arise in the first place?

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