Gay Russian volinist wins Chicago benefit

Gay Russian volinist wins Chicago benefit


norman lebrecht

August 28, 2017

Four months ago, Artem Kolesov published a video testament on being young, Russian and gay. His aim was to encourage young Russian gays that they are not alone. You can watch the video here.

Coming out cost Kolesov close relationships with family and friends and left him fearing for his US residency after he completes his studies at Roosevelt University.

Last night in Chicago, violinist Rachel Barton Pine, pianist David Schrader and the Yas Quartet of which Kolesov is first violinst staged a concert to draw attention to his predicament.

Report here.


  • Cursive says:

    To vindicate himself, Mr Coolsoff should move immediately to California, where the government mandates teaching 12 year old schoolchildren about gay sex. Perhaps he could even offer classroom assistance.

    • John Borstlap says:

      What a stupid & despiccable comment. The author should lock him/herself up in the closet and never come out again.

      • Harold Lewis says:

        John is, of course, right. If that hateful and perverse comment is all that ‘ Cursive’ can manage, he or she would do better to say nothing.

    • Robert Holmén says:

      I sense a state-sponsored internet misinformation campaign at work.

      The actual California minimum sex-ed requirements can be read in this article…

      A key point: Instruction must “Be age appropriate and medically accurate, and may not promote religious doctrine.”

      The “teaching about gay sex” is really just limited to recognizing that same sex orientations and couples exist.

      Also, every parent can opt-out their child from the class.