Five new faces in Cincinnati

Louis Langrée has approved  two new principals and three extra players, bringing the orchestra back to full strength at 90 musicians.

Robert Sullivan rejoins as principal trumpet, a seat he occupied from 2008 to 2013. Ralph Skiano (pictured) is the new principal clarinet. Patrick Hodge has been hired as assistant principal French horn; Hiro Matsuo joins the cellos; and Charles Morey will be first assistant concertmaster.


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  • It’s nice to know how non-principals are thought about. The assistant principal horn, section cello and first assistant concertmaster are “extra” players. Did they not audition for their positions? I’m assuming they’re also highly skilled players.

    • Maybe there was previously a hiring freeze, which only affected the “extra” positions.
      I don’t think there is any implication that those musicians are not skilled. In fact, it’s already understood that they are elite professionals, if they are capable of being hired to those positions.

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