First floods response from Houston Symphony

Like other public bodies caught in the Houston floods, the orchestra is having communications problems.

It has issued a one-liner, cancelling this weekend’s three performances of Ella at 100 ‘due to the impact of Hurricane Harvey’.

A further message states: The Patron Services Center is closed indefinitely. When it re-opens, our representatives will be available to help you donate the value of your tickets back to the Houston Symphony or exchange them into any another performance during the 2017-2018 season.

The season is due to open on September 9 with a Susan Graham gala.




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  • after a major Houston tropical storm in 2001 destroyed their music library — which was being stored in the Jones Hall basement — they wisely moved it upstairs.

    • Way too fucking late. What of all the scores that were stored down there with Fricsay’s, Stokkowski’s, Barbirolli’s markings in them? To add insult to injury den mother at that time (usually who we we refer to as CEO) Ann Kennedy had herself photo’d looking together with an office colleague over the damaged scores with doting care, as though management really ever gave a ………

  • Just so there isn’t speculation, the pianos WERE moved up from the basement rehearsal room that took on water this time.

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