Canada’s musicians mourn national youth orchestra chief

Canada’s musicians mourn national youth orchestra chief


norman lebrecht

August 01, 2017

Tina Orton, Administrator for the National Youth Orchestra of Canada for over 25 years, has died in a Toronto hospital, aged 76.

The orchestra says: ‘If at any time in the uncountable years to come, you happen to hear a performance by a Canadian musician, and that performance touches your heart in a way that leaves you feeling even the slightest bit fuller of the person you hope to be, then you’ve been granted a moment with Tina. Do what she would do: listen, feel, be thankful, and give it back. For all she gave us, it’s the least we can do.’




  • C Meyers says:

    Tina was the best- such a friend to us all! RIP

  • Brian Meighan says:

    For Canada’s Youth Orchestra their response is a fine measure of their loss that reaches out to a larger realization of their leader and her contribution for so long.