Argentine Symphony musicians go online to appeal for their wages

Argentine Symphony musicians go online to appeal for their wages


norman lebrecht

August 07, 2017

The musicians in Buenos Aires have not been paid for over seven months.

For shame, for shame.

Sign their petition here.


  • Ungeheuer says:

    This situation does nothing to dispel notions of (some) Argentinians preying on one another, taking advantage of one another or anyone regardless. It is national sport. Possibly as a result of the economic crisis of 17 years ago for which recovery (for the majority) is but a pipe dream. For shame.

    (I am not making generalisations)

  • Federico says:

    Ungeheuer. You are making generalizations about a topic you do not know in depth. The Orquesta crisis is not far from other aspects of cultural policy. And governments do not do much to solve it. I could cite several examples, some already discussed here, such as the cases of Angela Gheorgiu and Marcelo Alvarez. Anyway the petition has already been signed by more than 12,000 people. Best Regards, Federico, Argentina

  • Dave says:

    It always amazes me that a country such as Argentina is always in financial crisis and is little more than a third world country in many regards.

    • Sue says:

      When I think; once the home of the great Kleibers!!!!

      • John Nemaric says:

        By the way, in 1949 the Kleibers were expelled from Argentina by it’s president and dear wife, Juan Peron and Evita Duarte. Can’t remember why though. Also Maria Callas was not allowed to take out of the country the monies earned there about the same time while singing at the Colon. What did she do then? She used all the money earned to buy a train load of fur coats, hats, etc.

        If I recall correctly what the problem with National Symphony Orchestra is that sometimes in the mid 90’s because in a concert they refused to honor the then current president (the unmentionable Menem) he denied them legal status while still maintaining them as employees of the Culture Ministry. This is their legal problem I was told in 2006 and it’s very likely that 10 years later still is the problem. They are not legally an entity within the confines of the institutions of Argentina. This is very confusing but still a real problem to this day and, very likely the reason why they are not paid. I believe they are on strike at the present time. They go on strike periodically to resolve this problem but to no avail unfortunately.

  • CBS says:

    I saw a great mural on a wall in Argentina – Mejor actuar, que hablar
    Roughly translates as – Better to act than talk.

    Simply put, if you feel they need your support then sign.
    Maybe if you were a musician in the UK in a similar situation you would not think twice about showing any little support that could be offered?

    The more who sign, the greater the awareness surely, and the possibility that things might actually improve for these players.

  • Blair Mayne says:

    Argentina is a real basket case. It never recovered from when the Gurkhas sent them packing in the Falklands!

    • Dusty Rhodes says:

      Fray Bentos and cheap red wine,
      Is all they have in the Argentine.
      But after a scrap with the Royal Navy,
      They asked for the recipe for chips and gravy!
      The Gurkha Rifles thrashed the Argies in ‘82
      Now they eat Nepalese curry like us too.