A bloodied CAMI executive gets fired

A bloodied CAMI executive gets fired


norman lebrecht

August 04, 2017

We hear that Seton Ijams was given the bum’s rush at CAMI this week.

He used to be Man Friday to the vastly unpopular Andrew Grossman, whose dismissal was so disruptive it required lawyers to be stationed at exits and security men to escort him to the elevator.

Word got round that Seton was still doing Andrew’s bidding, so the willing coat-hanger had to go.

A shy man, his only previous claim to public attention was getting pistol-whipped at lunchtime outside a midtown bank where he had just withdrawn $149,000.

Unusually, this was an agent crying tears all the way *from* the bank.

Who said music agencies are boring?


  • Harold Shiniak says:

    CAMI has been dysfunctional for the last 10 years, why do we expect any different? Slave labor employees, an increasingly aging executive team, and unprofessional in dealings with presenters, employees, even their own artists! Can’t wait to see this worthless company crumble to the ground.

  • Steinway Fanatic says:

    For the last 10 years??? More like the last 50 years!

  • In The Know says:

    The $149,000 withdrawal was for a touring company’s per diem expenses.

    • Harold Shiniak says:

      Yeah, the only incident of a per diem expense robbery in the entire history of CAMI. When this man was working for the worst character CAMI ever hired, Andrew Grossman. No suspicion of an inside job here…

  • Stephanie Maslenko says:

    Reading this I am not at all surprise that many classical concert agencies are faltering apart these days. Look at what happened with Barrett Wissman and IMG Artists. On another note, Stephen Wright at International Classical Artists seems to have shut down his business all together during the last days and their agency website has been completely taken down, what on earth is happening there?