An entire orchestra is rushed to hospital

All 80 members of the European Spirit of Youth Orchestra were rushed to the Santa Chiara Emergency Room in Trento, Italy, suffering from dehydration after an outbreak of vomiting and diarrhoea.

About twenty young musicians received prolonged treatment and two were detained in hospital overnight.

The problem was traced to a picturesque fountain in the small town of Belluno, where the orchestra had stopped for a drink of water. Officials say this was due to current repairs to the aqueduct.

The orchestra aims to continue its tour with conductor Igor Coretti-Kuret.


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    • Many such fountains are in fact intended and advertised as drinking water sources. The comment quoted in the post from local officials would seem to indicate that it’s usually safe and expected to use this fountain as such, except for the current repair scheme which has somehow introduced something undesirable into the water supply.

  • Typical children from well-situated families: always overrate the ability and knowledge of themselves, but know nothing about the world.

    One of the last thing you would do on travel, especially in unknown terrain, is to drink raw water from an open fountain.

      • Either bottled water from a trusted brand and bought in a trusted store, or fill your own bottle with cooked water in the hotel.

        When going out, young people should always bring their own water in stead of buying soft drinks. These kids should really learn a lesson from this incident.

    • There are drinking water fountains all over Italy intended for just this purpose, a short drink. This isn’t a fountain in a park as you may imagine, but something like a small fire hydrant with a button that releases cold, clean water. I would hardly call the center of an Italian village “unknown terrain”

  • It is easy to get the shites from water in Italy, even their bottled water has bugs, I tested some in my lab! the best bottled water comes from the Dolomites, I avoid water in Southern Italy, stick to Moretti!
    Bog rolls are also narrower in Italy, UK is best wider than most EU. My camper van is full when I do a trip.

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