A chain of hotels is playing 24 hours of John Cage

No, it’s not the Hilton or the Marriott.

Ace, which is slightly counter-cultural, wants us to know that all of its hotels in eight US cities and a ninth in London will be playing nothing but John Cage on September 5, the composer’s 105th birthday.

‘We will be broadcasting a wide selection of works from across Cage’s career, curated by the label Mode Records. Selections will be playing in a random order at each property for 24 hours, starting at midnight local time,’ say Ace. ‘We invite guests to immerse themselves in a day-long sonic experience.’


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  • On special request customers can reserve a more quiet room where 4’33” will be played nonstop (for an additional sum of $ 4.33 p/night).

  • The Grand Hotel Splendid in Davos plays Xenakis over the speakers in every room for family members visiting their relatives in the nearby psychiatric hospital. The effect seems to be a reassuring one that their ilk are not so bad off as they had initially thought.

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