Yo Yo Ma seeks a saviour for a Louis Kahn concert hall

Yo Yo Ma seeks a saviour for a Louis Kahn concert hall


norman lebrecht

July 18, 2017

Kahn designed Point Counterpoint II, a floating concert hall, for the American Wind Symphony Orchestra during the 1976 Bicentennial. It is now docked in Ottawa, Illinois and will be dismantled if a buyer is not found soon. 


Yo Yo Ma has written this appeal in the New York Review of Books:

At a time when our national conversation is so often focused on division, we can ill afford to condemn to the scrap heap such a vibrant ambassador for our national unity, so I humbly ask that your readers join Robert and me in finding a new home for Point Counterpoint II. Please share any suggestions with Robert and Kathleen at awso@consolidated.net.



  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    I saw this boat on a Finger Lake, upper NY State back in 1990,I think. As the light faded the side opened to show the orchestra playing Fanfare For The Common Man.A very theatrical moment. Hope they succeed in saving it, it’s a novelty.

  • Roger says:

    Donald Trump has lots of money. Were he to buy this nice boat, he could fix it up and perpetually fund a nice summer concert series around the country–The Donald Trump Make America Great Again Summer Concert Series–and up his Failing Image and ratings.

    • Steve P says:

      No artist would agree to play, audiences wouldn’t attend for fear of antifa violence, dimocrats would plan a more lavish spectacle with every lib artist agreeing to perform, and MSM would write horrid reviews of anything sponsored by President Trump. So, not likely to happen.
      Maybe Billary Climptun could purchase it: since she is flush with funds from the defunct Climptun Slushfoundation, surely she could spare a few shekels.

      • John says:

        Steve, how tiresome and boring. Take your politics to Breitbart where they will be appreciated.

        • Roger says:

          Maybe Breitbart’d be interested in the boat? They have money. “The Fake News Summer Concert Series.”

          • Roger says:

            Come to think of it, and being the sincere, socially constructive person I am, Failed Erstwhile Milo might have received a Golden Parachute and would be interested in the Ego and Image Boost that re-floating this icon could bring.

        • Steve P says:

          Oh, you cool kids and your sensitivity, John/Roger. This isn’t a safe space, so don’t assume a snarky leftie post just gets an automatic upvote.
          You’ll have a few more years of tiresome and boring, I’m afraid.

  • Roger says:

    I intended no malice. I’m only trying to be helpful and make constructive suggestions. I still think it’s a wonderful idea for our Failing POTUS, who, BTW, most people don’t associate with anything cultural/artistic. I envision Failing Trump veneering the barge in gold and etching “TRUMP” right above the proscenium to ensure that audiences will know who is responsible for resurrecting this cultural icon. A sure Win-Win for our Failing POTUS, right when it’s needed!

  • Dave says:

    What I always find amusing with these appeals is that the artist NEVER says that he or she is putting up any money. The public or some rich person is required to save some pet project. Shades of Bono!

  • Luigi Nonono says:

    Does this mean the American Wind Symphony Orchestra is no more? What a needed summer program. And every year, a new work was commissioned. It’s a shame.

  • MIchael says:

    I played on that boat in the 70’s. I say sell it for scraps. There is a lot if bad karma in that boat, and I’m not sure if dismantling the boat would nullify the bad karma that is in it. It was my first professional job at age 19, and I knew that it could never be worse than that. And I was right!