Viral fate of a Brazilian singer

An appalling video is circulating of the moments after an urban bus struck the car in which a popular Brazilian singer and her boyfriend were travelling, killing them on the spot.

The video has been watched millions of times.

What kind of sub-human species, you wonder, would film such a thing and then upload it to the internet?

And what kind of people would watch it, and share it?

There are times when being online exposes unknown depths of sub-humanity.

Stop this world, we want to get off.



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  • Sadly, fatal bus accidents, particularly at night, are far from uncommon in Brazil. The main contributory factors are the prevalence of drunk-driving, poor standards of driver training and vehicle maintenance, the sleep-inducing monotony of the rural highway network, and an irrational belief on the part of drivers that the religious paraphernalia decorating their cabs will somehow protect them from misfortune.

      • I am aware of that, John. My comment was related to the context of the accident, rather than the video.

  • Not unique to Brazil. I recall a frenzy to take and publish pictures of the Princess Diana car wreck.

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