Valery Gergiev recruits a British kid, 16

Valery Gergiev recruits a British kid, 16


norman lebrecht

July 31, 2017

The Russian maestro has called up George Harliono, to play Rachmaninov’s second concerto with the Mariinsky orchestra in Vladivostok on August 5.

George, 16, was born in Hackney, East London, and now lives near Cambridge where he studies with Professor Vanessa Latarche. He also travels to Switzerland to work with Vovka Ashkenazy and his father Vladimir Ashkenazy.

‘It is such an honour for me to have been asked to perform with Maestro Gergiev, he really is a world class conductor and I can’t wait to meet him,’ says the debutant.



  • Una says:

    I went to school in that very deprived area of Hackney – Dianne Abbott excluded and today’s yuppies. Will probably now be called a racist … you can’t say anything …

    Delighted for him. Wonder if he went Hackney? I have my doubts….

  • Alexander says:

    Gergiev is famous for finding and growing young talents around the Globe. God bless him and all his young prodigies. Hopefully this boy, Harliono, will perform successfully with his Rachmaninoff Concerto #2 on August 5th . Such honor for his parents and teacher ….
    P.S. bragging again … just over from Albina Shagimuratova’s recital … I’m speechless – she was a goddess, Joan Sutherland would say “brava!” for her impeccable and fantastically crazy rendition of Lucia’s mad scene ( she hit all top notes and even more!!!) , Gliere coloratura concerto and Casta Diva were heavenly … ancores were also out of the world …. have never expected anything like that, really … sad for the Londoners who couldn’t listen to her Aspasia due to her illness ( she also cancelled performances in St.Petersbourg I heard). Now I understand why a famous film director offered her a cameo role of Adelina Patti … what a gem she is …. she deserves all the pearls and diamonds she wore at that recital ( ( I sat just next to her)… stop here now not to give a rant

  • M.Le Corney says:

    I wish Harliano every success. Valery Gergiev is great.

  • SaxonBroken says:

    Presumably this young pianist now will not need to be entering any piano competitions to establish his reputation.