Possibly the New York Times’s smuggest apologia

This article on why the Times delayed reporting the birth Beyonce’s twins, while mocking the ‘media frenzy’ around it….

In a situation this sensitive, was it in bad taste to publish a lighthearted article about the rumors? Was it ethical?…

It’s crucial for us to remember that when a story is published by The Times it becomes part of the historical record, so giving in to the knee-jerk impulse to go for the clicks or be part of the conversation is unwise.

Read on here, if your sense of irony is strong enough.

Mason Poole/Parkwood Entertainment

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  • The Times is tabloid trash. More concerned with publishing click bait rubbish than actual news. And accuracy and neutrality? Who cares, it’s all about the clicks.

  • And who refers to Slipped Disk as anything but “Lebrecht”? It does stand for accuracy and neutrality, which is why people regard it as the blog of record.

    • Oh goodness, nobody except elderly classical music fans who have managed to learn how to use the internet regard this outlet with anything other than mocking disdain

  • Pretty soon we are going to start seeing items from the author’s local neighborhood grocery circular that arouse his ire.

  • Of all the transgressions to journalism and truth that the once great NY Times has been guilty of, this is all that draws the attention of Lebrecht? I confess that all I know about Beyonce is her name.

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