Orchestra rehearses in a funeral home

Apparently, they can’t find another quiet space in Marlborough, at the top of New Zealand’s South Island.



But would you agree to rehearse in a morgue? Is it respectful to the dead, or the music?


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  • Why not? Who’s going to complain? Besides, I’ve been to some concerts which were so deadly dull that I felt like I was in a morgue, with conductors who showed less life than a corpse.

  • Note that a funeral home is not a morgue and, given the wide taste in funerals today, the music they rehearse in the funeral home’s chapel is probably no farther-out than what has been performed there for services anyway.

    A funeral home not being booked solid 24/7 with funerals… that should be a good thing, right?

  • There was (and maybe still is) a youth orchestra in California that rehearsed in a mortuary. They were called the Pasadena Summer Youth Chamber Orchestra and proudly went by the acronym PSYCHO!

  • I fear there may be almost justifiably called for the embalmment of some of the music being played as well.

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