One UK, one US singer in Domingo’s Operalia finals

One UK, one US singer in Domingo’s Operalia finals


norman lebrecht

July 26, 2017

The 14 finalists have just been selected:

Vlada Borovko, soprano, Russia, 29
Rupert Enticknap, countertenor, UK, 30
Davide Giusti, tenor, Italy, 30
Leon Kim, baritone, South Korea, 30
Ruslana Koval, soprano, Ukraine, 27
Kristina Mkhitaryan, soprano, Russia, 30
Maria Mudryak, soprano, Kazakhstan, 23
Emmett O’Hanlon, baritone, USA, 27

So Young Park, soprano, South Korea, 31
Boris Prýgl, bass-baritone, Czech Republic, 25
Oksana Sekerina, soprano, Russia, 30
Levy Sekgapane, tenor, South Africa, 26
Adela Zaharia, soprano, Romania, 29

Sooyeon Lee, soprano, South Korea, 28

Emmett is based in Chicago, Rupert in Berlin.


  • SNR says:

    And Vlada Borovko, who was a young artist at the ROH and who I recently saw step in as Aspasia. Why the Anglophile bias in the subject?

  • Alexander says:

    what about “3 Russians and 3 South Koreans in …… finals ” as a title to this topic? It would be more fair at least 🙂 …. or you are afraid of being blamed for pro-Putin propaganda ? 😉

  • Jon says:

    More to the point, why does the article claim there are 12 finalists, when there are 14?

    It is also interesting that there are 8 sopranos in the final, but no basses and no mezzo sopranos.