Music director quits Buenos Aires over unpaid wages

Music director quits Buenos Aires over unpaid wages


norman lebrecht

July 25, 2017

Th Chilean music director of the Argentine National Symphony Orchestra, Francisco Rettig, has walked out, citing ‘mistreatment and unpaid debts’ by the Ministry of Culture.

The musicians have not been paid in months and all tours have been cancelled.

If you have been booked to play with the orchestra, be aware of the situation.



    I played as a soloist with them last november , still waiting to be paid …

  • Mike Schachter says:

    Sounds like Latin America is sinking back to its habitual morass.

  • Anon says:

    My english is rather rusty i hope this is understandable.

    This is the treatment all working musicians get here in Argentina, usually you have to wait AT LEAST 5 months to get paid (as a soloist or orchestra member), i know people who had to wait more than a year.
    Musicians here (and in other countries with this issues) need solidarity from musicians abroad, I think the article should point this out instead of making it look like Argentina is a shithole no one should come to.

    • Keith Hewitt says:

      I’m very sorry to hear this. I had the most wonderful time in Buenos Aires (and Patagonia!) with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales a year and a half ago. I loved every second of it and would dearly love to come again. And by the way, your English is perfect!